Update on Earthquake Relief Donation

(Originally published on Mon, 2008-05-19 16:42 by songnianli)

Dear all,

512 Earthquake Relief donation compaign at AnnHua turned out to be a successful and very touching day today. As of the end of day, $35,098.69 in total was received (cash $2,025.41, check 33,073.28). I appreciate the $10,000 donated by Dr. Youxue Zhang and his wife Zhengjiu Xu, I also appreciate the same the pennies and nickels from our students who care and love so much. I appreciate AnnHua parents, teachers and student who donated at school to support, I appreciate even more the ones who trust AnnHua and came to school to donate through AnnHua. I also appreciate the same that many parents and teachers have been donated through their company or other ways. They should be recognized and appreciated the same at AnnHua. Also many appreciations to the volunteers who worked so hard to support the whole day event.

As promised, all the donors got the donation acknowledgment letter or receipt with thanks upon request. The total donations received (cash & check) have been confirmed and witnessed by AnnHua Administration Team and AnnHua Parents – with proper paper work and signatures. You’ll be updated with latest happenings in a timely manner. You may also check school website for latest:


You are also encouraged to use the website to appreciate donors, to share your opinions or pictures, or to publish articles, suggestions or comments, or to ask questions.

Again, thank you very much for your generosity!

Li, Songnian
On Behalf of AnnHua