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The New SAT Writing Preparation Class

  • Instructor: Denise Brendel
  • Email:
  • Telephone: (734) 481-3284
  • Course Description
The main purpose of this course is to help you further develop academic writing skills necessary to complete the New SAT EXAM. We will focus on practicing the 25- minute essay portion of the test, answering the writing skills questions, exploring common problems in grammar usage, and discussing test taking strategies. The process of writing the SAT essay will be broken into steps so that you can focus on the various components one at a time. In addition, there will be at least two in-class practice tests during the 8 weeks. Objectives: Specifically, this course aims to help you
  • recognize the unique features of academic writing
  • understand the new SAT requirements, structure and instructions
  • identify and use tactics that can help maximize SAT Scores
  • develop long range strategies and plans
  • develop and build essential vocabulary, grammar and writing skills
  • follow the basic steps of writing academic essays
  • enhance your ability to analyze and answer questions quickly and accurately
  • Texts
Students will receive handouts of needed information. A textbook may be suggested.
  • Course Requirements
    • Class participation: Since class discussions and group work will be organized based on students’ input, active participation in class is very important. You are expected to do homework assignments and be thoroughly prepared for each class.
    • Assessment: You will receive grades for homework, quizzes and in-class tests.
    • Homework: You will receive homework each class that must be handed in by the next class. There will be optional assignments available for extra practice. Parents will be asked to sign corrected in-class tests and reports.