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Spirit of the Month

posted May 10, 2011, 7:19 AM by Wei Wang

Dear Annhua Parents:

As we are getting close to the end of our current school year, the Ann Hua team would like to thank our parents and our students for their continuous hard work, which leads to our last Spirit of the Month: Perseverance.

Some Chinese parents may wonder why the schools here like to thank the parents – trust me, I had that question for a long time. It is actually very simple. If not for the parents’ perseverance, a child can hardly survive, let alone learning another language. Remember all the sleepless nights? Remember running behind the bikes, or swimming along side in the pool? And now driving your student to music, sports and Chinese every single week? It takes perseverance. And it is because of your perseverance that your child excels!

So give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve a lot of recognition. Your perseverance can accomplish a lot – that is, while they are still willing to listen to you. At some point, they will need to take over. Sure, they need a sense of responsibility, they may also need a purpose or some motivation, but no greatness can be achieved without perseverance. The good news is, they are already learning it. If they practice a musical instrument, or participate in sports, encourage them to continue when they feel like giving up. You guessed it, that’s the true beauty of these activities. They may not become a musician or sport star, but the virtues of life they gain will benefit them long after those skills are lost.

Among others, learning Chinese takes an extra dose of perseverance. So, hats off to our seniors that are graduating! These students are better off today, not just because they can get an AP credit, or they may find a job someday that demand the language skill. Their exposure to the culture and society will open up their mind, give them different perspectives of life, and allow them to better enjoy and serve the globalizing society. So, please keep your child engaged in the learning of Chinese. Like us, your child will also thank you for your perseverance someday, and for teaching them about Perseverance.

Have a great rest of the term!

Ms. Deng Hong
Vice Principal of Public Relations and External Affairs
On behalf of Ann Hua Administrative Team