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Ann Hua First Day Info & Deposit Refund

posted Sep 9, 2011, 11:19 AM by Wei Wang   [ updated Sep 9, 2011, 11:56 AM ]

Dear Ann Hua parents,

As our first of day of school approaches, the Ann Hua Administrative team would like to prepare you with some useful information with regard to the new facility, first day operation, and the parent on duty & deposit refund policy. It is important that you read the following information carefully, and share some information with your students, so they know what’s expected of them.

View AHCS in a larger map
New Facilities, New (and old) Rules

Concordia Campus

The two buildings we use at Concordia University are the Science Building (SC) and the Krieger Hall (KH). Comparing to the UM 
buildings, both of these two buildings have smaller classrooms. There won’t be enough chairs for parents to sit in the classrooms with students.  In addition, there is no eating or drinking (except for water) allowed in the facility. These buildings also have much smaller hallways, with either display tables or glass cases in the hallways. Even though most of the display materials are free information, it is important that we do not touch them if we don’t need them. Some of the display cases are not locked, please inform your students not to touch or attempt to open them in any way.  It is equally important that nobody runs in the hallways, to prevent any injuries or damage to the properties.  In case anything happens, parents will be responsible for the behavior of their students. Any damage in the facility need to be paid for within 10 days.

First Day Operation: Logistics (see map below) & Tuition Collection
Concordia University’s main entrance directly faces the Earhart Road, both of which are parts of the third roundabout if you are coming from the south on 23 (2nd if you are coming from the north).  Once you get into the main entrance, look to the left for a parking lot. Park your car there, you will be a few steps away from our classroom buildings. The student team will be on site to help you, and there will be signs for you to follow. Since there will be another event going on in the main buildings, please try to arrive early. We encourage older students to be dropped off and walk by themselves, so as to spare some parking spaces for younger students. If this parking lot is full, simply pass through the lot, there is an overflow parking lot a little ways up the road.

As always, team member will be on site for regular registration and tuition payment. We’ll be in room 101 of Krieger Hall.  Please remember to bring the Summary Report after you have registered for classes online, as well as your check book.

Parent-on-duty and Deposit Refund
If you read the first part of this email, you’ll understand the critical role of our parent on duty this year. In about two weeks, you will receive the final Parent-on-duty schedule. Please mark your calendar with your duty date. In addition, please watch your email for notifications about your duty time and location.  Please arrive on time, sign in with the front desk, where the team member is on duty. For duty slots at UM, please sign in and out with our teachers, Mrs. Jiao Jing (9am-2pm), and Mrs. Chen Lingzhi (2pm-4pm). While you are on duty, please:
  • Be familiar with our classroom locations and be able to answer simple questions;
  • Make sure students use indoor voices, and there is no running, eating or drinking (except for water) inside the building, and no one touches any display in the hallway;
  • If furniture is moved around for a particular class, make sure the original setting is restored at the end of class.
Upon completion of your duty, please sign out where you signed in. Deposit can not be refunded without proper signatures. You will be notified to pick up your refund when processed. It can be at the end of the school year at the latest. So please watch for emails from Team members.

Thank you for your attention. We wish all of our students a successful school year!



Hong Deng
Vice Principal of Public Relations and External Affairs
Ann Hua Chinese School

on behalf of the Administrative Team

AHCS Map -- Double-click to zoom-in; Drag to move; Click "Sat" to Show Buildings.


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Spirit of the Month

posted May 10, 2011, 7:19 AM by Wei Wang

Dear Annhua Parents:

As we are getting close to the end of our current school year, the Ann Hua team would like to thank our parents and our students for their continuous hard work, which leads to our last Spirit of the Month: Perseverance.

Some Chinese parents may wonder why the schools here like to thank the parents – trust me, I had that question for a long time. It is actually very simple. If not for the parents’ perseverance, a child can hardly survive, let alone learning another language. Remember all the sleepless nights? Remember running behind the bikes, or swimming along side in the pool? And now driving your student to music, sports and Chinese every single week? It takes perseverance. And it is because of your perseverance that your child excels!

So give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve a lot of recognition. Your perseverance can accomplish a lot – that is, while they are still willing to listen to you. At some point, they will need to take over. Sure, they need a sense of responsibility, they may also need a purpose or some motivation, but no greatness can be achieved without perseverance. The good news is, they are already learning it. If they practice a musical instrument, or participate in sports, encourage them to continue when they feel like giving up. You guessed it, that’s the true beauty of these activities. They may not become a musician or sport star, but the virtues of life they gain will benefit them long after those skills are lost.

Among others, learning Chinese takes an extra dose of perseverance. So, hats off to our seniors that are graduating! These students are better off today, not just because they can get an AP credit, or they may find a job someday that demand the language skill. Their exposure to the culture and society will open up their mind, give them different perspectives of life, and allow them to better enjoy and serve the globalizing society. So, please keep your child engaged in the learning of Chinese. Like us, your child will also thank you for your perseverance someday, and for teaching them about Perseverance.

Have a great rest of the term!

Ms. Deng Hong
Vice Principal of Public Relations and External Affairs
On behalf of Ann Hua Administrative Team


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posted Apr 8, 2010, 11:02 PM by Ann Hua

Dear Ann Hua parents/teachers,

Xu Qin laoshi will hold/lead a practice contest for speech and instant speech from 11-12 and 2-3pm on April 25. This is a golden opportunity for our students who will participate in speech or instant speech contest to practice and improve their speech skill. The whole process will mimic the real contest. We highly recommend our students who will participate in speech or instant speech contest to take part in this practice contest. For our students who want to participate in this practice contest, please fill out the attached form and email it to Xu Qin laoshi ( by April 18th. Please  read Xu laoshi’s following email for detail.

Thank you .

Xingquan Li

On behalf of Ann Hua Chinese School Administrative team


From: unknow []
Sent: Thursday, April 08, 2010 1:17 AM


         为顺应密西根中文联赛的需要,我们讲与口才班的同学,将于425举行一次演讲比赛。我个人有一个设想,不知是否符合你们校方的意愿?为了提高安华同学们的演讲水平,也为了择优选取 即兴演讲的人选,我欢迎其它各年级,各班级中有意参加演讲比赛的同学报名参加425日的

讲比赛。时间有两段,1100 —— 1200 200 —— 300。比赛的同学,根据年龄,分成两组,低 年级组和高年级组。演讲时间限制

    1 2      级学生,至少时间 45 —— 最多时间 2   

    345 级学生,至少时间 1 —— 最多时间 2.5

    678910以上的学生     1.5 ——最多时间 3  

    1 级以下和CSL 的学生           45 —— 最多时间 2  


报名的同学需填写下列表格。报名家长 可以将填好的表格直接e-mail 给我。我的e-mail 地址是


各位领导,若你们觉得此活动有必要,请给 我一个回音,我将尽快着手进行。若有不同的想法,或有更好的建议,请多指教

若你们各位有时间加入裁判人员的行列,我 将不甚荣幸和感激



11th Michigan Chinese Contest

posted Apr 8, 2010, 10:46 PM by Ann Hua   [ updated Apr 8, 2010, 11:08 PM ]

Dear Ann Hua parents,

The 11th Chinese Contest will be held at Huron High school on May 8, 2010 (Saturday). Ann Hua Chinese School is hosting the event this year (last year’s event was cancelled due to H1N1 virus). The attached is the information about the contest and the registration form from contest organizing committee.

This is a good opportunity for our students to practice their Chinese language and skills. Please encourage your kids to participate. To register for the contest, please work with your kid’s Chinese language teacher to select a proper category for your kid and submit the registration information to your kid’s Chinese language teacher using the attached excel form before April 20th. Our teachers will put together the information for all the participating students in their class and then submit the registration information to our school for their class.

There is a $15 registration fee for each participating student. The fee is collected by Michigan Chinese Schools’ Association to cover the expense of the contest and the fee is non-refundable. To encourage our students to participate, Ann Hua Chinese School will award $10 to each of our participating student. Please note that only the students who are actually participating the contest on May 8 will get the $10 award. Most of students who registered last year paid the $15 fee. For these students, the $15 they paid last year will be used as the registration fee for this year.

Our teachers have been working with their students to prepare for the contest. Please work with our teachers to help your kids with their preparation (help your kids to try their best and have fun with the process and the contest).

Thank you very much.

Xingquan Li

On behalf of Ann Hua Chinese School


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