The Bylaws Of Ann-Hua Chinese School

  1. Nature and Purpose
    1. Annhua Chinese School is a non-profit, parents-sponsored, voluntary association whose missions are:
      1. to teach Chinese language (mandarin),
      2. to promote the understanding of the Chinese culture, and
      3. to provide a network of support among individuals sharing the common interest in Chinese ethnic and cultural heritage.
  2. Membership
    1. Any family who sends child(ren) to, and abides by the bylaws of, this school is a member of this association. Every semester, members of this association shall pay program fees (including tuition), the amount of which is to be specified at the beginning of each semester, to cover the cost of operating the school.
  3. The Organizational Structure
    1. The General Assembly, which consists of all membership and shall be held at least once a year, holds the ultimate authority that every member of this association shall obey. The Assembly elects its representatives (Nine) as members of the Board of Directors that makes policies for the school. The Board appoints a school Principal to manage the operation of the school. The principal shall follow the bylaws and the school administration guide.
    2. All board meetings, which shall be conducted twice per semester, shall be open to all members of this association. However, the Board has the right to restrict attendance to special meetings involving personnel issues. The meeting minutes shall be recorded and posted to the members of the association.
    3. The Principal shall appoint his/her administrative staff based on school administration guide. The appointment of the staff shall be approved by the Board. The staff members can be members of the school Board but no more than two board members shall be on principal's staff or vice versa. The Principal shall not be a member of the Board. However, the Principal can attend all Board meetings except for those which involve his or her personal interests, in which case he or she shall be notified by the Board. The Principal has the right to propose a convention of the Assembly if he or she strongly disagrees with the Board's decisions on important issues, but approval by the Board is required for the Assembly to be convened.
  4. Teachers
    1. Teachers can attend all regular board meetings and make proposals to the Board regarding any aspects of school operation. Teachers are encouraged to communicate with the Board if they have disagreements with the Principal that cannot be resolved between them.
  5. Appointments and Term Limits
    1. A General Assembly shall be convened in November of each year to renew board members. The new board shall assume responsibilities/duties starting January 1 of the next year. Each board member has a term limit of two years which can be renewed only once if approved by the majority of membership at the Assembly. The board members vote to elect a presiding person to coordinate board activities. The presiding person can be replaced at any time should it be requested/voted by the majority of the board members.
    2. Normally, either three or four board members shall retire every year alternatively.
    3. The Principal is expected to serve a full year once appointed. The board shall appoint the principal no later than May 31 for smooth transition. The new principal shall take office starting July of the same year.
    4. The appointment of principal is renewable on a yearly basis. The removal of the Principal during his or her normal term of office shall be approved by the majority at the General Assembly, which shall be called by the board.
    5. The Principal has the authority to select and to dismiss teachers, but it is the Principal's responsibility to inform the Board of his or her decision in advance.
  6. Budget and Spending Power
    1. The school budget for each semester, including any raise in the program fee, shall be proposed by the Principal and approved by the Board. The budget shall be itemized and submitted to the board no later than three weeks after the beginning of the semester. The board shall respond to the proposal in two weeks. Upon rejection, the principal should submit revised budget within two weeks. Upon the 2nd rejection, the board should propose a mandatory budget.
    2. The Principal shall operate the school based on the Board's approved budget. Only the Principal has the authority to sign school checks, and, in case the Principal is absent, a pre-designated co-signer can sign the checks.
    3. The Principal must notify and explain to the Board should spending exceed the amount budgeted by more than 20% for a given category of school expenditure.
  7. Financial Bookkeeping
    1. The Principal (or one of his/her staff) of the school is responsible for recording school daily expenses and keeping all the receipts for tax filing each year and auditing.
    2. A summary of school financial report shall be made public to Membership every semester and the accounting book shall be made available for all members to inspect upon request.
  8. Authorized Person and Mailing Address
    1. The school shall have a P.O. Box number to be used as a permanent mailing address. The person who authorizes all legal documents, including the bank account, for the school shall be the Principal. Upon change of the Principal, the name of the authorized person for the school shall be changed accordingly.
  9. Non-discriminatory Policy
    1. The School admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, and cultural and other school-administered programs.
  10. Revision and Amendment
    1. The Board shall meet to make a resolution on the revision of, or an amendment to, this bylaws should it be requested by any of the following: (1) the Principal, (2) ten or more percent of the total membership, and (3) more than three board members. However, the bylaws shall be revised or amended no more than once every semester and the changes shall be explained and made known to the parents. The right of explanation for each item in this bylaws belongs to the Board.
  11. The Majority Vote
    1. The endorsement by 50 percent or more of the General Assembly, with minimum of twenty-five percent of the total membership, either in person or represented by proxy, is required to constitute a majority vote. Any given member shall not act as a proxy for more than two members in voting at the Assembly.
  12. Effective Date
    1. This bylaws shall be approved by the Board and signed by the presiding person of the Board before it can take effect. A copy of this bylaws shall be made available to every member of this association.
  13. Records of Revisions and Amendments
    1. This bylaws is a revision of an earlier Chinese version passed at the General Parents Assembly held on June 18,1994.
    2. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors on January 17, 1995.
    3. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors on May 19, 1998
    4. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors on September 27th, 1998
    5. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors on September 6th, 2001
    6. This revision was approved by the Board of Directors and passed Parents voting held on January 6, 2008